In this vignette we provide examples of how to use entrydatar to download precise files from the QWI.

In the second part we give rudimentary documentations of the feature that are of principal interest to work with the data.

For an overview of the QWI, head over to the Census website


Data Cuts and Codes

  1. Demographics cuts:
    • sa: Sex by Age
    • rh: Race by ethnicity
    • se: Sex by education
  2. Ownership:
    • oslp: all (public and private employment)
    • op: only private sector employment
  3. Geography:
    • gs: State
    • gc: County
    • gm: Metro-/Micro-politan
    • gw: Workforce investment Area
  4. Industry:
    • ns: naics sector
    • n3: naics subsectors
    • n4: naics industry groups
  5. Firm age and Size
    • fa: firm agesic
    • fs: firm Size
    • f: firm size and age not included